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PNF: The most effective stretch technique for increasing ROM

➡️Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, otherwise referred to as (PNF) stretching technique uses natural reflexes to allow muscles to relax and stretch to their full potential.👍🏼

➡️The two PNF stretch techniques shown are 1 the “Push-Relax” and 2 the “ Push-Lift” methods.

➡️To do the Push relax method:

1. Put the muscle in a stretched position.

2. Contract the muscle by pushing gently against the stretch, and hold for 10 seconds.

3. Relax the muscle and move to a deeper stretch.

⭐️Repeat 3-5 times💪🏼

➡️The Push Lift method is similar to the push relax method, but instead of relaxing between pushes, try to actively lift into a deeper stretch.

➡️PNF can be done with a partner or alone by using a stretch strap.

💪🏼We also utilize PNF in our semi private stretch sessions (Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am) as well as in one on one private stretching with coach Jesse‼️

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