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Kal Andersen

Massage Therapist

Kal Andersen is on a mission to help others find balance in and out of the gym. She believes this is accomplished by putting extra emphasis on the mental & physical recovery post-workout. Kal discovered the importance of balance through her years as a yoga instructor and furthered her knowledge of the human anatomy by becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. As a member herself of Leverage Fitness, you will not only see Kal alongside you working hard, but she will know firsthand the specific muscles and areas to focus on during your recovery massages to help you find that perfect “work hard, recover harder” balance. 


Mantra: "Extremes are easy, strive for balance" - Colin Wright

College: Brigham Young University, BS Speech Language Pathology


Licensed Massage Therapist  & Yoga Instructor

Contact Info:


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