30 DAy Introduction

Experience Leverage Fitness for only $199
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To get started, sign up below for your 30 day introduction. You will be contacted within an hour to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our coaches. The 30 day introduction includes:

  • Consultation and Goal Setting Session

  • One Personal Training Session

  • 11 Semi-Private Sessions

  • Body Composition Scan and Analysis

  • Two Complimentary Revel Ride Classes

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Your First Visit

Once you schedule your initial one-on-one consultation, you will come meet one of our coaches. This one-on-one session will consist of a 15-20 minute personal assessment to discuss prior exercise experience, diet, history of injuries, InBody scan and goal setting. Followed by a 30-40 minute workout to determine your level of fitness and  acclimate you with our facility. Your coach will assist you with the Leverage app download and scheduling of your next session.

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InBody Composition Scan and Analysis

Leverage Fitness will provide you with a body composition analysis, that will outline your weight, percent body fat, muscle development and number of calories burned while at rest

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Semi-Private Sessions

Following your initial one-on-one, you can begin semi-private strength sessions. These sessions are maxed at four people and focus on individually tailored fundamental strength movements. Learn more about those sessions here.