Attendance & waitlist policy


  • Once you get off the waitlist for a session, please remove yourself from the other waitlists you are on.

  • You are not eligible to be on the waitlist for another session once you get into a session.

  • If there are multiple sessions for a single hour, you may add yourself to the waitlist for both or all three of those sessions, but please remove yourself from the other waitlists once you get in, the app will not automatically remove you but it will continue to push you into multiple sessions. When you are added to an additional session, the cancellation policy will be in effect.

  • ​You will not be charged for removing yourself from the waitlist at any time.

  • If you do not plan to attend a session you are on the waitlist for, please remove yourself from the waitlist. You are eligible to be added to the session up to 30 minutes before the scheduled time. When you are added and do not attend or late cancel, the cancellation policy will be in effect.

  • If you are removed from the waitlist, you are automatically added to the session.  If you select "N" when you are notified via text or email, it will still count as a late cancel.  Again, please remove yourself from waitlist if you do not plan on attending the session.

  • If you show up to a session you are still waitlisted for, we will no be able to accommodate you. You can, however, wait to see if a spot opens up.


Charges of Extra Sessions

  • If you use all of your sessions for the month and continue to sign up/attend semi-private sessions, there will be an automatic charge to your account at the current rate per session of your membership to cover the session.

    • For example, a six-month membership with eight sessions will be charged $37/session for each additional session.

  • If you are frequently using additional sessions, you can always increase your membership level.

  • You can track the number of sessions you have used several ways:

    1. Branded APP 

      1. Click on 'More' in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. Then select 'Visit History', this link will bring you to MindBody. Log in to view your complete visit history.
      2. You can view your future and past attendance (the past seven classes) from the Schedule section of your profile. A max of seven classes will appear for upcoming classes on the Schedule screen on the Profile tab.
        • ​If all sessions in your membership have been used, a membership option will not appear.
          • Your pass explained: Sample Membership (SPT X 8 sessions/month) – 8 Sessions shown has all sessions available to use and is not expired, therefore it will appear in Passes. If the pass were used for a visit, it would then be deducted and indicate 7/8 sessions now remain for booking.  Canceling a future visit would replenish the remaining number, so if you had a single session pass and canceled that visit, the pass would then reappear in Your Passes. If the pass is expired and/or all sessions are currently in use, you will not see the pass here.

    2. MindBody App: 

      • You can log into the Mindbody App using your same login information

      •   To see visit history: Profile > Schedule

      •    To see sessions available: Profile > Passes​

    3. Login using your desktop

Late Cancellations

  • Cancellation policy is 12 hours

  • If you cancel within 12 hours of your scheduled session, you will lose that session and a $10 fee will be applied to your account.

  • This policy is effective for both semi-private and conditioning sessions.


Switching Sessions

  • If you are signed up for a semi-private session and you would like to attend a different session the same day, you may make the change, but you will lose the original session if this occurs within the 12 hour cancellation period. 

  • Outside of emergencies, we cannot accommodate same day sessions changes.


Membership Renewal

  • All memberships, both month-to-month and six-month commitments, will automatically renew unless we are notified via email before the end of the month.


One Month Freeze

  • During your six-month period, we allow each member a one month freeze period. 

    • You will still be billed during the month you are freezing, but your membership will extend 1 month past your initial 6 month period.​

    • For example: If your 6 month membership is January - June and you ask to freeze during the month of February, you will still be billed for 6 months from January - June, but your membership will now end in July. July will not be billed, but your membership will still be active during that month.

    • You may not drop in for any sessions during your month freeze.

  • Anything longer than one month will be considered a cancellation of your membership and will be subject to a $300 early termination fee.

  • This is not applicable for relocation outside the City of Philadelphia or medical reasons.