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one month freeze

  • During a six-month membership period, we allow each member a one-month freeze option. 

  • You will be billed during the month you are freezing, but your membership will extend one month past your initial end date.

  • Membership freezes are eligible during a full calendar month only. We are not able to freeze memberships weekly or over two months (ie. September 15th - October 15th). 

  • Attending sessions during your month freeze will invalidate your extension.

  • In order for a freeze to be initiated, please fill out the request form below no later than the five days before the desired freeze period for approval.  Any request submitted within five days may not be accepted.

  • Any freeze longer than one month will be considered a cancellation of your membership and will be subject to a $300 early termination fee. (This is not applicable for relocation outside the City of Philadelphia or medical reasons.)

Membership Freeze Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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