Nutritional Cooking
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Nutrition Program

  • Consultation

  • Eight Week Meal Plan

  • Two Body Composition Scans and Analysis

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • Individualized Macro Nutrients

  • Restaurant Recommendations


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How It Works

  1. Inbody Scan and light conversation about goals with the client. Coaches will also set a date and time for the initial 1-1 consultation and presentation of meal plan and macronutrient goals.

  2. Calculation of Total Daily Energy Expenditure and Macronutrient goals are set by nutrition coaches.

  3. Personalized Guided Meal Plan for the client, including food shopping list and suggested meals is prepared by nutrition coaches.

  4. First consultation with the client on their Inbody Scan results are discussed in detail. Meal Plan, Food List are presented and given to the client. A discussion on the importance of hitting Macronutrient numbers consistently is conducted with any other questions on meal plan, shopping list etc. Week 4 check-in date and time are set with the client.

  5. Week 4 check-in consultation is conducted and necessary adjustments are discussed and determined on results from a second Inbody scan with Nutrition coaches. Nutrition coaches will follow up the same day with an email/excel document with necessary adjustments determined. 

  6. Week 8 Final Check in and Inbody scan with detailed analysis of 8 week results and the option to do another 8 week advantage program with new or continued goals.