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Nutrition Coaching

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At Leverage Fitness, we know that real results take time and commitment. Our Nutrition Coaching gives members a chance to achieve sustainable results while learning from nutrition and wellness experts.

3 month program $449


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What Clients Say

"The nutrition program totally reframed how I view meals. I increased my protein intake substantially and worked on eating more balanced meals throughout the day. I made better choices both inside the home and when I went out to restaurants for meals. The accountability is key! Most importantly, the guidance Josie gave me throughout the program became an easy long-term routine to follow. For me, the program turned into a sustainable lifestyle adjustment. The results are better than I expected: I feel leaner and stronger, I have more energy, and I am much more satisfied after meals (so less snacking). I encourage anyone interested to give it a try!"
- Gabby Weiss
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How It Works

In-take Assessment with Personalized Meal Plan and Macronutrients

Meal plans are tailored to each member based on their intake assessment, food sensitivities and lifestyle. The meal plan will also include a shopping list, suggested meal options, recipes and restaurant recommendations. 


Bi-Weekly Check-ins 

Touch base with your coach to make adjustments to your program.


Monthly InBody Composition Scans (4)

Stay accountable and keep track of changes to your body composition.


Nutrition Coaching Objective
To help you implement susttainable nutriional habits for your current lifestyle with as much accountability as necessary.  



Our next enrollment is now open. 

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