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Andrew scherer

Strength Coach

Andrew has worked with a wide variety of clients in his 15 years of coaching. Before moving into the private sector, Andrew began his career as a Division 1 collegiate strength and performance coach. This led him to work not only with athletes competing at the professional level in the MLB and NFL, but also with individuals who wanted to simply move and feel better in their daily lives. 


Through all of his experiences one thing has always been true: human movement and biomechanics are the same for all people. Whether you are trying to improve your sprinting speed, swing a golf club pain-free, or just get up and down the stairs with ease, your movement patterns will affect everything. Andrew’s philosophy of teaching people to move properly can quickly alleviate aches and pains while providing a solid foundation to build strength, flexibility, mobility, and bring overall balance to your body. 


No longer playing baseball, Andrew trains to feel good and do the things he loves. Whether that is skiing, hiking, biking or just about any sport he is always active. Outside of fitness Andrew enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and food.  



West Virginia University, B.S. Exercise Physiology 

University of Toledo, M.S. Exercise Science & Biomechanics



Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach - Collegiate Strength and  Conditioning Coaches Association

Spartan Training Certified

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 & 2

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