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Wellness for your mind and body

via Zoom for Leverage Members Only by Marilyn Deutsch, PhD 

Wellness Coach

Heath Psychologist is now providing individual sessions at Leverage


Wellness Intervention  

• Stress management 

• Sleep intervention 

• Pain management 

• Smoking cessation 

• Coping with physical illness 

• Autoimmune diseases 

• Cancer 

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Marilyn Deutsch, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and trained in Clinical Hypnosis. Dr. Deutsch has been in clinical practice for over 40 years, with specialty training in Health Psychology, Child Clinical Psychology and Disabilities. She has worked with people of all ages on stress management, sleep disorders, smoking cessation, and coping with chronic illnesses and disabilities. She was the psychologist on a team to develop an integrated care curriculum for primary care physicians at The Commonwealth Medical School (now Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine), was instrumental in creating a health psychology minor at Temple University, has run parenting training groups as well as support groups for individuals with a variety of chronic illnesses, and has published books and games on helping children and their families deal with illness in the family. She has done numerous programs for schools, television, medical settings, and mental health agencies. Dr. Deutsch (also known as Dr. Marebow) a trained hospital clown, can be seen (during non-CoVid times) doing her rounds at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, the patient floors of Jefferson Hospital and St. Christopher’s Hospital.


For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Dr. Deutsch at:

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