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The best of both worlds.  A personal training experience in a group setting.  In our semi private sessions, we only allow 4 people per session. We believe this is the most effective setting for you to succeed.  You get to enjoy the fun energy of a group and we can offer top notch coaching with such a small number of people. We currently offer two types of semi-private sessions.


These sessions are primarily strength based where you will master the fundamental movements. We will take you through a progressive strength training program designed to help you reach your goals.  Every workout is programmed in a way so there are progressions and regressions for all skill levels. 

While the focus of these sessions are strength, we also will be incorporating interval training, core work and stretching.


With a primary focus on cardiovascular conditioning these sessions are a great option for days in between your strength sessions.  We utilize our state of the art SKILLMILL treadmills, Versa Climbers, Concept 2 ski ergs, Rogue Echo bikes, battle ropes, sleds, slam balls and more!