My background as an athlete and Division One collegiate swimmer established a robust foundation for my career as a coach, group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Fitness has enriched my life both physically and mentally, and I think that everyone can benefit from a balanced lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning.  Since graduating from the University Of Maryland College Park, I have pursued a career in personal training and coaching swimming. I thoroughly enjoy working with clients of all ages and ability levels--from age 3 to age 93.  I have also competed in triathlons for the past 20 years and taught triathletes in both private and small group settings.   

I have a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland and certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT, Functional Movement Screen Level 1 and 2, TRX Foundations, Madd Dog Spin and Kettlebells. I constantly pursue new knowledge and skills in order to provide my clients with optimal programs based on the newest research. I feel that functional training is integral to wellbeing and longevity and, therefore, my programming focuses on a blend of power, strength, cardio conditioning and flexibility with the goal of making my clients strong and resilient throughout their lives.