Since March 18th Madison has been participating in the Leverage Live virtual workouts. It’s been eight full weeks of training with Josie and Gwi, and she hasn’t missed a session.


Madison’s commitment to Leverage Live has been extremely motivating, especially for Coach Josie. Having been former teammates at Florida State, Josie experienced how dedicated and hardworking Madison is. From achieving national rankings to setting numerous records throughout her collegiate career, Madison is no stranger to pushing herself further and raising the bar higher than before. In 2013, while at the top of her game, she suffered two ruptured discs in her lower back.  This unfortunate injury made even simple exercise a struggle. By making Leverage Live a priority in her daily routine, Madison has been performing basic and high intensity exercises, gradually strengthen her body, allowing her to move pain-free for the first time since her injury.


Madison says that Leverage Live gives her structure, has lowered her anxiety and stress levels and boosted her overall energy. During this time getting the encouragement to complete these workouts from Coaches Josie and Gwi, has been very motivating  for Madison. Keeping in mind Leverage’s motto of “How bad do you want it?”,  she didn’t let her injuries stop her from working toward her goals as she told us, “Even in the beginning when I was self-conscious about modifying movements, [Josie and Gwi] caught my improvements and I felt a great surge of achievement being able to celebrate with them.” But the motivation to better herself doesn’t stop at the coaches, it goes deeper than that for Madison as she says, “Leverage has given me a virtual community to be a part of which I am extremely thankful for. The noon workouts are keeping me goal oriented and encouraging me to stay healthy, mind and body.”


Below are pictures of Madison with her biggest supporter, her dog, Bickley. Every day when Madison signs on she is there with her four dogs, who haven’t missed a workout yet! The Leverage Team is so proud to be virtually training family, friends and staying connected with our Philly community.


Speed Round Fun Facts!

Most recent book: American Dirt

Favorite current movie: Little Miss Sunshine

First place you will go after quarantine: Target!