Leverage Live Spotlight
Robin Craren and Jonathan Kruse

In just five months Robin and Jonathan will be walking down the aisle to say their I do’s. Jonathan is an avid golfer (1.4 handicap) and Robin, a cyclist and Solid Core attendee, had high hopes of looking and feeling their best in the months leading up to their wedding. 


Prior to Leverage Live Robin and Jonathan were in the midst of recovering from previous injuries. Robin has spent the last few years overcoming the challenges of a bulging disc, and Jonathan was in a ski accident just a few months prior to the pandemic. Fortunately, Jonathan’s injury was on the mend as Leverage Live was beginning, and Robin was looking for a new fitness routine that would help strengthen her back.


Workouts with Gwi and Josie quickly became a part of their daily schedule. Attending the 12:00PM session each day has given them a release from work and a reason to get up and move. More than ever they love the motivation and positive energy which carries them through the rest of their day. Jonathan and Robin have become stronger, increased their flexibility, and lost weight. They are looking forward to reaping the benefits of these physical accomplishments from the greenside bunkers, to the slopes, and everywhere in between. 


Completing all 10 weeks of Leverage Live has given the couple a new found appreciation for movement, and opened their eyes to what can be accomplished when you commit yourself to strength training. Each day when they sign on, coaches Josie and Gwi can always count on the couple to be sporting their Leverage gear and ready to work with the squad! 


Speed Round!

What is your most improved exercise?

Robin: Push ups

Jonathan: Push ups


First place you will go after quarantine?

Robin: “I want to take my time shopping at a store, and just browse around”

Jonathan: “I want to go out for a nice steak dinner”


Favorite Philly Restaurant?

Both: Bud and Maralyn’s


Favorite Beer?

Robin: IPA

Jonathan: IPA