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Member Spotlight



Meet Bill, a devoted Leverage member who trains with Coaches Rob and Gwi. Their training sessions are filled with lots of laughs and conversations about golf, travel and restaurants Bill has explored on his 8-mile walks around the City. On a weekly basis, Bill has two strength session, two stretch and mobility or yoga sessions plus his walks around the city. We sat down with Bill to learn a little bit more about why he’s stuck with these guys and continues to make fitness such an important part of his life.



How did your fitness journey begin?

Growing up I played sports in high school and was always active. Originally I am from Florida, went to Connecticut college, and now I have been in Philly 45 years! 

To be honest my fitness journey really began to be an important part of my routine and lifestyle as I got older. Unfortunately my wife was diagnosed with cancer 3 times, and then I was also diagnosed. Mentally that really starts to take a toll on and it soon became clear what you have control of and what is out of your control. I definitely told myself, we have got this together in ALL aspects of health!


How has Leverage impacted your fitness journey?

Leverage is a great environment for all ages, stripes, and capabilities. You can immediately feel comfortable walking through the doors.


Why do you work out?

What was the most important factor when you began training with Rob?

It was very important for me to be on the same page with Rob. We discussed my goals, and I really felt he met me in the middle with an effective and customized training plan. 


What were your goals when you started? What are you working to achieve?

I am a very data driven type of person, and it quickly made sense strength combined with functional training ended up being just what I needed. Overall my main goal is to stay healthy. When I started out I wanted to lose a small amount of weight, and manage my blood pressure. I’m constantly being pushed into different directions, but overall my health has increased even as I continue to age. 


What advice would you give to a new member?

Don’t be intimidated. Everybody who’s there already had his or her first day, the Leverage environment is very non judge mental. 


Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening workout guy?

I put a lot of value on movement and exercise but it needs to be early in my day!


What is your favorite exercise you’ve learned?

Squats, the strength and flexibility in my hips and legs have improved. Squats also make me feel like I am challenging myself. Don’t tell rob or Gwi, cause then they’ll make me do more squats!


What is your favorite pizza spot in Philly?



What is your favorite Philly restaurant?

It’s always changing!

For brunch- Amada

Kinme (sushi) 

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