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Jaclyn and Steve

Everyone at Leverage knows it’s not uncommon to have a couple in their semi private or conditioning class. It's always inspiring to see two people use their training session as a space of motivation and sharing of a healthy lifestyle. It helps with accountability and strengthening of relationships. Let's dive into why Jaclyn and Steve love training at Leverage.

What is your fitness background previous to training at Leverage?

Jaclyn: I’ve always taken classes but nothing ever became consistent, or successfully kept me in good shape. The main reason I started training at Leverage was to get ready for our wedding. To be honest I was walking our dog and saw the sign, then Googled it, not knowing I would stay and look forward to making it a part of my weekly routine.

Steve: Growing up I was on the swim team and tennis team, but previous to Leverage I was never coached for proper lifting, and throughout college I stayed active recreationally. In Med school I would fluctuate in brief spirts of working out and dieting. Similar to Jaclyn I really started at Leverage because our wedding was coming up.


What stood out to both of you that made you want to continue and be a part of the Leverage Family?

Jaclyn: I truly enjoy working out because of the atmosphere and the people! The biggest difference for me is that it's very hands on, with positive encouragement; the trainers are always coaching and correcting. This is what has made me want to stay consistent. We also have improved our daily eating habits and it gives us a healthier mindset together.

Steve: Personally I do not enjoy working out. I love coming to leverage because of motivation that I have from the semi-private atmosphere. That’s where I personally do best. My accountability has also changed because I became self-motivated and began to see changes which enabled me to push myself more.

What advice would you give to a couple just beginning to workout together?

Jaclyn: I think it's great to share a hobby and it’s motivating.

Steve: I was nervous because Jaclyn already knew everyone. I look forward to telling her about my workout.  Now I can do more ball slams than her too. HA!

Above anything else it’s the welcoming environment, which is even more encouraging. It becomes a part of your routine and I like that, it gives me structure.


Why do you guys choose to be a part of the evening crew?

Jaclyn and Steve: Mostly due to our work schedule, oh and Steven is not a morning person. We would do Semi-privates together more often but Steve thinks I talk too much; we do really like taking conditioning together!


What is your favorite exercise you’ve learned while training at leverage?

Jaclyn: Anything to do with my arms.

Steve: TRX rows- I love that thing.


What is your favorite date spot?

Jaclyn and Steve: Trattoria Carina- Homemade Italian!


Favorite Pizza Place in Philly?

Jaclyn: Pizzeria Vetri

Steve: Square Pie- its BYOB and delicious.

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