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Prenatal and postpartum program

At Leverage Fitness, we know that real results take time and commitment. Our Nutrition Coaching gives members a chance to achieve sustainable results while learning from nutrition and wellness experts.

3 month program $499


Read below to find out what enrollment includes. 


What Clients Say

"Empowered. That’s how I felt working with Josie through the nutrition program. She effortlessly guided me through how, what, and when to eat to not only ensure I was nourishing my body, but also fueling it to get the most out of my workouts at Leverage.

Being a spouse, mother, nurse educator, and night shift L&D nurse, ensuring I’m taking care of my body usually comes last. Josie taught me small, manageable, and achievable ways to grocery shop, meal prep, and food to have at the ready, to achieve my long term goals, and thrive in my busy life. Josie held me accountable, while also understanding that life happens, and how to be adaptable on my non-stop days. 

I’m so grateful to Josie for all of her hard work and dedication. I’ll be able to take the knowledge and education she imparted upon me and continue to use it in my every day life." - Cecelia O'Neill

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How It Works

In-take Assessment 

Personalized plans are tailored to each member based on their intake assessment, food sensitivities and lifestyle. The personalized plan will also include macronutrient guidance, shopping list, suggested meal options & recipes and restaurant recommendations. 


Bi-Weekly Check-ins 

Touch base with your coach to make adjustments to your program.


Monthly InBody Composition Scans (4)

Stay accountable and keep track of changes to your body composition.


Nutrition Coaching Objective
To help you implement sustainable nutrional habits for your current lifestyle with as much accountability as necessary.  



Enrollment starts on the first of each month.

 Please click below to sign up for our nutrition program.


Single Session Nutrition Consultation 

Meet with Coach Josie for a one-hour consultation

This is the best option for a member who has a general understanding of their nutrition habits and would benefit from additional guidance or review of those habits. During this session, the nutrition coach will take the member through a detailed health intake questionnaire which includes their day-to-day schedule and current eating habits. They will discuss ways to navigate food consumption and review nutritional balance importance in regard to strength training. Any further communication with the nutrition coach outside of the meeting will need to be addressed in an additional session. 

Nutrition and Pregnancy 

We highly encourage our pregnant members to set up a 30 minute consultation to understand what changes to expect during their pregnancy in relation to their strength training routine. Based on each trimester and how the member is feeling, we will offer a guide about their strength training routine and proper nutrition, in order to optimize energy levels during this period.

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