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Meet Alex Perry!  She is a full time attorney who comes to Leverage five times each week.  As a member of our evening crew, Alex always comes in ready to work with positive determination.


When did you first start at Leverage?

I started training at Leverage the first month that you opened! My friend Lauren, also a Leverage member, found Gwi and we started training here together around the same time.


What was one intimidating factor when you first began training?

I wasn’t so much intimidated, because I have done strength training in the past, but the coaches at Leverage definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I remember the first day, Rob handed me a twenty-five pound dumbbell, and it has just gotten heavier ever since!


What particular aspect of Leverage and the strength program stands out to you?

I was excited to learn so many new things!  I am a competitive person, so the atmosphere has become very fun for me.  I love the Leverage challenges and always changing up what we are doing within the strength program. The coaches really get to know you and your body. I recently went on vacation and when I came back Gwi and Josie knew exactly where I had left off and how to adjust the workout to ease me back into the week.


How has exercise become a stress relieving activity in your daily routine?

My job, as a lawyer, can be very stressful at times. I look forward to coming into Leverage after a long day because it’s fun, that’s the main factor for me. We laugh a lot during semi-privates, and the coaches are always challenging us to increase our weights depending on the week.  I can workout with my friends and leave the stress of my day at the door!


How does working out in the evening help your body and lifestyle?

I train in the evening because I feel stronger, and it works best with my schedule. The balance of lifting two to three times during the week is perfect while alternating with conditioning classes. I really enjoy Saturday morning conditioning to get a good sweat in to start the weekend.


What is your favorite exercise you’ve learned while training at Leverage? 

TRX abs! This may sound crazy to people because they are so challenging, but I love them.

What is your favorite Philly pizza place?

Just one?!  That’s too hard. Let’s see, I’d say my favorite Mexican restaurant is Jose Pistolas, and my favorite Italian place is Santuccis.


Fun fact about Alex: My husband has the same exact name as me!  Kind of crazy, right?

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